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Sometimes, hard work and a good idea are not enough. Let’s take a look at Joe’s story and see how J. G. Wentworth changed his life forever. J. G. Wentworth will buy your settlement payments for cash that you can use to pursue your dreams. In Joe’s case, it was for his business. While the story ends well, it begins with tragedy.

The mood in the car driving along the back roads of West Virginia was tense.

Joe’s son was at the wheel driving to see his mother, Joe’s wife, in the hospital. The pair sat side by side in silence. Then suddenly there was a lurch in the car. Steaming hot coffee spilled on Joe’s son, and he lost control of the car.

When the automobile hit the concrete median, the force of the impact propelled Joe through the windshield.

The severed aorta that Joe suffered is normally a fatal wound. But Joe was “lucky;” he also fractured every one of his ribs, and ultimately the effect of the fractures and the swelling stemmed the bleeding.

Joe lived, but he lost a lot. For starters, he remained in a state of shock for 40 days and then spent another 60 days in the hospital. After that, Joe needed another three months of physical therapy to get back on his feet.

Part of what helped Joe bounce back, was a financial settlement that made sure he would receive regular cash payments far into the future – for as long as it was anticipated that his injuries might plague him.

Hard work and financial security paid off. Now Joe has a successful physician billing software business, and he works side by side with both of his sons. But, like most entrepreneurial companies, Joe’s required a lot of cash to sustain its growth. So when a new opportunity arose to expand the product line, Joe needed fresh capital.

“I figured at this point, if I invested a lump sum of cash in my business, it would create a much larger stream of future payments than I was already getting,” said Joe. And because he didn’t need the future periodic payments as much as his business needed a lump sum, Joe decided to sell.

Coincidentally, Joe heard a radio commercial for J.G. Wentworth and learned how people can sell some or all of their legal settlement payments for a lump sum of cash. After Joe heard that, he knew he had found his solution and told his sons to start marketing the company’s new product line.

“What I really liked was how I wasn’t rushed into a decision and there was no hard sell.”

Now, the new billing system product that Joe’s company offers is one of their best-selling lines, and Joe and his company are looking to expand even more. This is just another example of how, when J.G. Wentworth buys your settlement payments, your life can be changed forever. “I wouldn’t have been able to expand my company if it wasn’t for J.G. Wentworth,” he said.

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