Settlement Funding

J.G. Wentworth provides its customers with structured settlement funding. This is a transaction which can help people to manage the payments they receive from a structured settlement, which is a series of periodic payments from an insurance company as a result of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

People with structured settlements sometimes need settlement funding because their immediate expenses exceed the amount of the periodic payments they receive from their structured settlement. For instance, medical bills, unemployment, tuition payments, or the need to buy a car to get to and from work, are all reasons why a customer might need a lump sum of cash now.

In instances such as this, we purchase some or all of a customer’s structured settlement payments, in exchange for a lump sum of cash, in order to help them meet the financial challenges they are facing.

Settlement funding can take many different forms depending on a customer’s financial situation. For instance, we can offer a settlement funding option where we buy just half, or perhaps even a quarter of a customer’s payments for a lump sum of cash. With this settlement funding option, customers still receive some of their periodic payment, while at the same time getting a lump sum of cash.

Another settlement funding option would be for the customer to sell all of their periodic payments for a specified number of months or years. In this scenario, a customer would get a lump sum of cash, but would forego receiving any of their payments for a period of say three to five years. After that time, they would resume receiving their payments.

In general, settlement funding provides customers a tool to manage their structured settlement payments in a way that suits their current circumstances, or to meet expenses that their structured settlement did not anticipate.

J.G. Wentworth was a pioneer in the structured settlement funding industry. The company began buying structured settlement payments in 1994, and since that time has helped thousands of customers.

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